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Easily build your own layout.

Design each page by stacking our blocks. Order them as you choose. Then, our pro designers build and style your site.

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How it works

A streamlined headache-free design process.



You choose which blocks you want to use for each page, or leave it to us



We build the site UI design exactly as you specified, and you OK it



Our professional designers style your site's fonts, colors, buttons,

Uniquely your style

Your site will be fully customized by our designers, and suited to your brand's image.

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Our packages

Monthly & annual hosting options. Only pay for what you need. Pause, upgrade, or downgrade anytime.

Build cost only $350 USD


The bare-bones option to get your site up and running.

Up to 100 static pages


SSL option

25,000 monthly visits

500 form submissions

No CMS items

No CMS API access

No site search

No Content Editors

No form file upload


/ per month


A little more functionality with some extra features

Up to 100 static pages


SSL option

100,000 monthly visits

1,000 form submissions

2,000 CMS items

CMS API access

Site search

3 Content Editors

No form file upload


/ per month


All the works for brands with lots of content!

Up to 100 static pages

Global CDN

SSL option

1,000,000 monthly visits

Unlimited form submit

10,000 CMS items

CMS API access

Site search

10 Content Editors

Form file upload


/ per month

Frequently asked questions

Are Mysemble sites mobile optimized?

Absolutely! Any Mysemble site is guaranteed to look and function great on any screen size.

How quick can I get my site built?

We're a small team, and as such we do our best to deliver sites as quickly as possible while paying close attention to every detail. That said, build and design times vary from one week to a month depending on our workload.

Can you migrate my existing site?

Yes, we can create "301 redirects" to any newly created page for up to 12 pages for no extra charge. This will guarantee that you don't have existing external links to your website break.

What's my involvement in the design process?

Our unique wireframing system is optimized for your involvement, if you want.

It's SUPER simple to create a custom layout of each page using our blocks. You can be as involved in the process, or leave it completely up to our professional team of experienced designers to assemble what we think would work best for your brand.

Can you replicate another website?

In order to ensure each of our sites maintain ease of use, and look great on all screens, we have created optimally designed blocks which are then aesthetically modified to fit your brand. We don't replicate other websites. However, you'll find our blocks highly versatile.

What if I'm not satisfied with my site?

We only start hosting after we've gotten approval from you. You can cancel, pause, upgrade, or downgrade any of our hosting packages at any time. However, your upfront build fee is non-refundable.

Will you train my staff and I how to update the site?

We offer short, simple-to-follow training videos which demonstrate every aspect of adding new posts, editing text, and placing images or video. Plus, we're always here for you to answer your questions. Just reach out!

Do you offer analytics, so I can see my site's traffic?

No, but our sites fully integrate with Google Analytics

What if I want to change my site's fonts, forms, colours, or button & menu styles?

We'll style your site to your approval before it ever goes live, but if you need additional changes to these aesthetic settings down the road: our design team will do so at an hourly rate of $40 USD. The first hour billed automatically (no matter how small the tweak).

Do I need to already have prep-decided on what I want my site's copy(text) to say?

No. We style the site for you and have you approve the way everything looks, but we will turn over to you the site with the placeholder text which you can then replace.

Do you offer consultation?

Unfortunately, given the small size of our team, our consultation we can offer is limited— but we're happy to answer questions and give some advice in the design process.

If you decide to let us choose your site's layout, we'll have you fill out a form to help us understand your site's needs.

Do you offer SEO (search engine optimization) services to help my site rank in search?

Our training videos cover a little bit on how you can make your site search engine friendly... however SEO is an art, and it takes time to rank. We'll get you started, and point you to the right resources which will help you instate current best-practices.